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Our Holdings

CaridaB has been investing for many years in high potential companies in Europe and Africa. For each of these participations, CaridaB plays its role of majority shareholder to promote the creation of long-term sustainable value thanks to a number of strategic, financial and organizational levers.

FFM Gestion.png
FFM Gestion :

FFM Gestion, based in Geneva, offers independent asset management and investment advisory services.

RG Fiduciaire :

RG Fiduciaire, a company based in Geneva, offers accounting services, payroll management, national and international taxation and legal advice, particularly in corporate law.

Tavola disegno 111.png
Fisconsult :

Fisconsult, in Luxembourg, offers international tax expertise, public accounting, day-to-day corporate administration, merger and acquisition consulting, legal advice, and family office services.

Sinews Global color.png
Sinews Global color.png
Sinews Global :

Sinews Global, based in Mauritius, offers international tax and accounting expertise, day-to-day corporate administration, M&A consulting, legal advice, and family office services. Sinews Global is specialized in UK and Middle East matters.

Fisconsult FM V color.png
Fisconsult Fund Management :

Fisconsult Fund Management, based in Mauritius, is a management company and an asset management company. The company offers fund administration services and manages individual clients and investment funds.

Fisconsult RE color.png
Fisconsult Real Estate :

Fisconsult Real Estate is a real estate agency that offers property valuation services, as well as property for sale and rent.

ACB Capital color.png
ACB Capital color.png
ACB Capital :

ACB Capital is a real estate fund under Luxembourg law that invests in real estate projects which are fully developed internally.

Passion Chocolat :

Passion Chocolat is a Belgian chocolate factory that offers high quality traditional chocolate.

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